The designer and developer of Rainsnare is Martin Papay , from Australia. He is a commercial sailing yacht captain, who specializes in self sufficiency.

“I have traveled the world for the last 30 years practicing and studying wild foods and medicines.  Typically I visit remote villages and become good mates with the chief. We both exchange knowledge on the wild foods available in the local area. My specialty is tropical areas. There are all sorts of “weeds” springing up in new places. Many of the weeds are unknown to the locals, however weeds rely more on profilic growth than on producing plant toxins (to stop herbivores munching on them).So as a result many weeds are very edible. By eating them we can help control them.”

“For the last two years I have lived on a very remote tropical island (with only 3 other living on the island), in a treehouse on the beach. Hunting fish, goats, kangaroo, growing fruit and vegetables, and yes collecting other wild foods and medicines”.

“I have found that pure clean water is vitally important to healthy living.  When sailing from the USA to Australia, we stopped at Bocas Del Toro (Panama).  Here many native indians (Ngobe tribe) had their babies getting sick from drinking rainwater collected off their thatched roofs. What they did not know was that the thatch harbors lots of parasites.As there is no mains water on these islands, they are reliant on rainwater.The rainwater that falls in that part of the world is very pure before it touches a surface. So I donated several Rainsnares to the communities to enable them to keep the rain water pure as can be.  Since then the communities have not been affected by contaminated water.”

Quote from a volunteer

“Your RainSnares are now providing fresh drinking water to 7 families in the village of Loma Partida. Domeldo had tears in his eyes as he explained to the families how to set up the snares, and that they will be able to drink clean, fresh rain water ~~ without parasites. No more weeks of babies with diarrhea, cramps, and parasite related illnesses. Thank you, so very much, for developing this life altering water catchment system. I am abundantly grateful to you for the difference you are able to make in these peoples lives.”Michelle Witley Moore….Panama..



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