Who can use Rainsnare???

We all enjoy having nice clean water every day. However there are many others who can benefit from using one. They include cruising yachties, hikers,campers, off griders, survivalists, four wheel drives/caravan and campervans.

Also if one looks at the price of bottled water ( more expensive than fuel per liter). It is not hard to see how much money one can save by filling ones own water bottles. Calculate this over several years……

Bottled water has a huge impact on our planet. The waste from used plastic bottles and the energy used to bottle and transport the water , adds significantly to our already stretched environment.

Using your Rainsnare, youtube video


Why use Rainsnare?

Water is our most precious resource. Keeping it pure as nature intended can be a challenge. Over 96% of contaminants in the average rain water comes from the collection surface (roofs), gutters, and the tanks used to store the water.

Rainsnare provides a clean food grade collection surface , gutter, and piping that can be conveyed to the container of your choice.


Collect clean rainwater wherever you travel by vehicle.



Even at home….. some of the purest rainwater comes straight from the sky. Save money and the environment …by not buying bottled water.


rainsnare contents

Whats included in your Rainsnare kit.



For marine use… collect pure rainwater when at sea. Channel straight to inbuilt water tanks or into separate drinking water containers.