Rain as is falls from the sky is in one of its purest forms. Over 95% of contaminants , by catching it before it runs off  Most rain harvesting systems come off dirty roofs where the water passes through many contaminants before it gets collected.  Pop up your rainsnare before it rains(about 2 minutes see: youtube Rainsnare setup) , collect pure water , pack it up once dry to keep it free of airborne contaminants that can settle when not in use.

When people talk about rainwater and contaminants. They always talk about rainwater once it has washed down a roof through the guttering and into the tank.  That is not real rainwater, that is rainwater that has just picked up all sorts of contaminants. Up to 96% of contaminants in rainwater comes from the surfaces it has touched during collection.

Roofs and gutters can add all sorts of nasties to your water. Certain paints and roofing materials may cause contamination. In particular, a Melbourne Water publication advises that lead-based paints never be used. Tar-based coatings are also not recommended, as they affect the taste of the water. Zinc can also be a source of contamination in some paints, as well as galvanized iron[5] or zincalume roofs, particularly when new, should not collect water for potable use. Roofs painted with acrylic paints may have detergents and other chemicals dissolve in the runoff. Runoff from fibrous cement roofs should be discarded for an entire winter, due to leaching of lime. Chemically treated timbers and lead flashing should not be used in roof catchments.

What falls onto roofs and gutters can also have a major effect on water quality. Microbial hazards or pathogens (viruses, protozoa, bacteria) come primarily from fecal matter (droppings- from birds, lizards, mice, rats, possums, bats and other animals). Also from dead animals and insects themselves.

So why not bypass all those potential contaminants and collect your drinking water directly off a clean food grade surface and gutter?

Rainsnare is made from high quality food grade materials. The collection surface is a very strong 420 denier oxford weave polyester base material . Coated with a specially made anti-microbial , hydrolysis resistant ,foodgrade polyether TPU.

Your Rainsnare can divert your pure rain water to the vessel of your choice.  With preference going to glass , stainless steel or approved drinking water containers.